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A complete 21st Century Logistics Management Solution for Carriers (LTL/TL), Shippers, Brokers and 3PL

Fully integrated Trucking Management Software solution

GADiiD is your entire back and front-office. You can effortlessly manage your asset, accounting, brokerage, dispatching (FT & LTL), communications, safety & compliance, customers, and employees so you can focus on your business and customers!
We take pride in enabling all trucking business sizes to reach full business potential by taking advantage of our intelligently engineered logistics management software.

All-in-One Solution

Transforming the logistics management industry with meticulously developed all-in-one internet & mobile based solution to meet all trucking business management software needs.

Anywhere at any time

The application features cloud services. Everything is perfectly in sync & in one place as you move between your iPad, iPhone, Android devices or desktop. Drivers use FREE iOS or Android App

Track Asset Location

Track exact location of drivers after they accept a dispatched load until delivery. Send automated email to your clients with tracking link on load entry and they can track their load location at anytime.

Our Culture

What Makes Us Different

We deal with business & the limits of manpower holistically. This same principle is what we want to share with our customers. This has led us to develop an integrated trucking management software solution that is geared to performing multiple tasks thus cutting time and increasing the efficiency of manpower.

  • We listen to you then innovate
  • Striving to improve productivity
  • Egolessness & transparent
  • No commitment. Pay-as-you-Go
  • Free software updates forever
  • Use any computer or any device
The Power of GADiiD

5 Reasons to Avail of Our Services

Our company has one goal in mind – to push your company to the top.
This can only be possible with the help of our fully integrated trucking management software that tackles all business processes in one.

The Application is packed in a single system of software. GADiiD offers Quickbooks, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365 Email integration right inside the app for clients who are already using these services or opting for its convenience. Use GADiiD for everything.
Every detail in the software is designed for starters. The need for training is cut to save time and effort with our intelligent simple interface and user friendly controls. We offer free training to new users and video walkthroughs can be readily accessed on every page to place the deal even lighter.
Users can also directly chat with our 5-star support team inside GADiiD for quick answer to their questions.
Anyone can GADiiD anywhere at any time with the integrated mobile application. The convenience of accessing data is served on a distributed and synchronized platform .
With this technology, independent owner operator and company drivers can take advantage of the capability of our FREE iOS and Android mobile application to operate from anywhere on the road.
Firewalls and hardware tops security in the data center. Plus, bank grade security and 256-bit encryption secures transmission of every data.
We securely back-up customer data and perform security testing regularly to identify and resolve any vulnerabilities that we may encounter.
For optimum uninterrupted service on the other hand, power sources, back up batteries and cooling systems equip the system so you get 99.99% uptime.
Integrated tools and uninterrupted service can be equated to one thing – savings. This would also mean increasing the efficacy of manpower as the software can be used to its full potential thus, reducing the need for more hands to operate.
Free tools like GADiiD mobile app level up the deal in giving value to the business. This drops the need to pay for costly solutions and to use GADiiD for everything from dispatching and settlements to Driver and Customer communications.

No more missed data

GADiiD Minimizes data entry & Maximizes result. Stop the spreadsheets. Start being productive

Desktop | Android | iOS

All-in-one application with cutting edge technology and Automated Communications

On Demand Data Analysis

Charts & Export/Import features are utilized to analyse data and collaborate with the team.

21st Century Logistics management

Work Smart not hard


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