Useful Benefits

A significant improvement in productivity on out of the box solution.

Dispatching & Load Entry

Enter load details, charges & upload load documents and assign it to driver/truck quickly and easily in the same window and send status to driver & customer

Receivables and Payables

Fully integrated accounting lets you easily process receivables and payables & print checks for your vendors and employees.

Load Settlements

Reconcile owner-operator and driver accounts and automatically calculate all settlements with one click of a button.

Expenses, Payroll and Fuel

Enter all types of expenses by category. No need to keep paper receipts ever again as you can scan or snap a picture.

Asset Management

Manage, allocate, scheduled maintenance and repair tracking for all company assets. Upload all types of documents and retain them forever.

Safety and Compliance

Reduce the risk of audits for your Driver Log books & Inspection Reports. keep all safety records for your drivers & assets.

Employees, Drivers & O/Op.

Manage and retain all types of employee documents and safety data forever and never worry about DOT compliance.

Two way communications

Communicate with your drivers via messaging and receive instant reply. Email your customers right on GADiiD.

Beyond dispatching software

On demand data when you need it

Improve productivity, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction

Everything in One Place

manage your assets, employees, loads (FTL & LTL), Accounting, Safety and upload all documents

Improve your safety

track your assets and comply to hours-of-service regulations. keep safety & compliance documents

No need to remember

never worry about accounting errors - GADiiD will remind you when generating statements!


graphs and analytic that help you better understand what's going on business on any time period!

On-demand reports

from asset operating profits to expense analysis GADiiD give you intuitive reports with a click!

Automated Tasks

streamline your customer & driver communications with our automated email & text msg'ing

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